NXS Sport Case Harden – 30″ 12 Gauge Shotgun


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  • NEMO Arms (SAE 5115) Steel Frame with Case Harden Finish
  • Caliber 12 gauge
    • Will accept 2 ¾” or 3” loads
  • NEMO Arms 30” (Monobloc 42CrMo4) Steel Barrel
    • Italian Certified Proof markings inside the receiver and extensions
    • Laser engraved scrolling on o.d. of chamber
  • Stock & Forend Material is made from class A Turkish Walnut with Oil Stained Finish
    • NXS model comes standard with adjustable cheek riser for better shooter adjustment
  • Trigger
    • Mechanical Trigger with 5 lbs trigger pull
    • Adjustable trigger blade for better adjustment for shooter ergonomics
  • Safety & Barrel Selector
    • Polished safety for smooth operation
    • Select choice to shoot top or bottom barrel or bottom or top fire operation
  • Fiber Optic Sights for quick sight picture
  • Choke Systems with 2.75” oal
    • NXS Model comes with 5 chokes
      • Full
      • Modified
      • Improved Modified
      • Improved Cylinder
      • Cylinder
    • Proprietary Hexagonal thread pitch, based off Bettinzoli choke systems
  • NEMO Negrini Case
    • TSA approved case with 3 code locks per case
    • QD mounts for sling attachment
    • Padded Red interior with molded placements for exact fit
  • Overall length (48.03”) Weight unloaded (8.37 lbs)


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